Look at this red.

It’s all over me.

It won’t go.

They!  They gave it.

Those standing on the street,

Womanish men’s.


An intimate gaze they gave

Washed me with this color.

Caught reflection of them

Screaming silently in agony.


How can i wash it off?

I dare look at the mirror,

with this

Guilt of seductiveness i have carried,

How can i Wash it off?

It’s all over me

That red!!!




Tule kami ( blacksmith)

– I have been in this business since I was 13.I had to inherit my fathers profession, That was the only option back then. Now I am still doing the same . I don’t take labour costs , instead I collect grains( maize,rice,meats) In every big festivals from all the houses in village. Thats enough to sustain life till now. 

Last month I went to see the place where all the metal tools were made in my village. The only person practising the metal craftmanship there. He was very excited to see me there with the camera . He said not to take his picture because the place was messy , blackened with smoke and he was also messy. But  I kept on talking and took pictures of him . He was asking me if I would make movie of his life. He said he had good story for it. I said I will come back next time and continue chat.


“Samahit” ,exihibition of abstract paintings by Nabendra limbu started from today at Nepal art council.I just want to share some of my thoughts and experiences while I was looking at those paintings. 

There is no doubt on the curatorial aspects of this exihibition. Lots of variation yet properly managed. There were seats kept for the viewer to sit and look at paintings till satisfaction. That made me engage with some of the paintings and had self understanding on those paintings else it would just be regular walk in exihibition. 

Abstract ? what is abstract ? I was asking myself. Being a representational art lover. I was trying hard to explore the paintings which I had no clue of . just variation in  colors and shapes, no artists statements .

Analyzing techniques , color, the scale , presentation , strokes , shapes of painting I still had no idea of abstract.Then suddenly some ideas pop out. I finally realized these paintings are not abstract. The canvas is real canvas , the frames are made of wood and real. The red looks red , the white looks white . The strokes looks like strokes . The spot lights are real lights . Those textures are textures of impastos. Everything was realistic, the reds didn’t look green. the strings by which it was hung is real string.The paintings aren’t floating . The space is real. The walls the ceiling everything looks real. 

Then why is it abstract exihibition? I was wondering .Again I would think about all the aspects . My presence in this exihibition, relation of me with everything around me there.  

then I had my own conclusion,

 Abstract – the space of the whole gallery is abstract. the light striking on those painting and reflecting to me is abstract , the reason I could see those paintings. The mood, energy starring at the painting is abstract. The curiosity to explore is abstract. The feel of brush strokes and thinking how artists could have done that is abstract. Sitting down and starring and making assumption is abstract. Thinking of everyone there, do they know the meaning ? what could the artist visualize in these paintings? all these questions in my mind are abstravt.Every painting is just a solution of puzzle made by artist. Not thinking that’s solution and looking to solve that puzzle in own way is what these abstract paintings made me feel.

I could disagree with the artists work and interpret everything on my own way. I guess that is the beauty of the abstract art.

The artist hasn’ t write up any concepts or art statements with the paintings which made it possible for the viewers to thik freely and realte on their own. If there would be explanation then everyone would just agree and think as the artists thought.For me this was a whole new experience and no doubt the artist is very good at what he is practicing. hope to see more in upcoming days . wishing best wishes. 

The exihibition runs till 3rd september at Nepal art council, Babermahal .please do visit .

(apologies if any of words bother anyone , it is just a personal view on the exhibition) I didn’t had any proper documenation source so hope you enjoy my thought. 

Thank you!


Porters Supplying building materials from khola kharka (2600)m to Sailung top (3146)m. As sailung is famous for religious pilgrimage destination and known for its best sunrise and panoramic 360° view, local’s have started making a view tower at the top and also chorten of about 53ft. From kholakharka to the top its only stairs and the only means of supplying materials are human resource. Rain ,winds were no obstacle for the porters and they used to take rest at some spots while carrying the loads. Everyone were working all day  in spite of the rain and heavy wind at the top. They said it was the only time of the year they could work .After some months the snow would fall and it would be very hard to work because of cold.

It was very adventurous hiking in monsoon even it was fog all over  but walking through the misty woods were something to remember.November-December would be perfect to travel the snowy woods and have the view of snow caped mountains , local hotel owner said.